For a more thorough wash of your property, Crystal Blue Powerwash recommends a soft wash service.

Soft washing goes further than just the exterior of your property and can disinfect/ remove bacteria that has accumulated over time.
We understand your home is your biggest investment, so we use the latest technique to gently wash your house and roof to achieve the best result without causing damaging to the paint or structure.

Our services offer -

  • A comprehensive soft wash of the entire exterior of your house - tackling those hard to reach places with the utmost care.
  • A reliable clean that is backed with experience and professionalism.
  • Treatment without harsh chemicals that would otherwise affect the paint or exterior of your asset.
  • A professional attitude across every project we undertake, ensuring we treat your property as we would our own.

For more information about how a soft wash could benefit your asset contact one of our friendly staff on 0407 114 465 and we can get started on making your property a little brighter.